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Product of Interest : Vision inspection system, one touch inspection
Name : iMM
Official Email ID :
Contact Number : 9845611921
Website :
City : Bangalore
State : Karnataka
Country : India

iMM – Instant measurement machine is a tabletop, vision based inspection system that measures multiple dimensions with a single touch of a button.

Accuracy: +/- 3 microns

Repeatability: 1.5 microns 

Key features of iMM:

1. One touch: Just place the part on table and press a button.

2. Instant inspection: Inspection cycle time is less than 3 s. 

3. User independent: Part can be placed in any orientation and at any place on the table. Anybody in the plant can use the system without training. 

4. Multi-part inspection: Multiple parts can be inspected simultaneously. 

5. Multi-view inspection: Inspect up to five views of a part in a single inspection cycle. 

6. DXF import: CAD drawing can be imported to configure the parts.

7. Profile(contour) inspection: Measures the difference between true profile and part’s profile.

8. Data analytics: Compilation of data and images for part reports along with history. Computation of Cp / Cpk, average & trends with graphical representation.

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