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Name : Sunildatt V.Limaye
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Contact Number : 8454940731
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City : Mumbai
State : Maharashtra
Country : India

Myriad Industrial Solutions LLP is importer and supplier of precision electrical test and measuring instruments. 

Automatic protective relay test system is a portable test instrument to test protective relays automatically. The relay test system is operated through a windows based software. 

The test systems we supply is based on the user requirement. For basic automated relay test system one can go for three current and four voltage output configuration. The current sources and voltage sources are independent and the user can vary phase angle, frequency and amplitude of the output. This automated system can generate healthy signal output as well as fault test signal. It can be used to test all types of relays such as numeric and electromagnetic. It can test current, voltage , directional protection, df/dt , distance and differential protection. As such it is complete automated test system for testing all types of relays at manufacturing factory level or on field level. 

For advanced  testing user can go for six current output version or even 9 current output version. 

We will be pleased to suggest you best fit for your requirement after discussing with you. Please visit our website to know about our product portfolio

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